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SPTIFA was formed to nurture and better serve the needs of the more committed soccer player. We accomplish this objective with highly experienced, knowledgeable, and successful coaches, who are both well trained and skilled at teaching the game of soccer to young players. We believe in a well-balanced approach to soccer where skills development, soccer tactics and superior sportsmanship constitute key components of our soccer philosophy.

SPTIFA has a nationally licensed coaching staff that will develop your child to achieve the highest level of soccer, the most popular sport in the world!

SPTIFA works to attract, develop, and retain dedicated youth soccer players and their families who are committed to advancing their player's skills and achieving personal growth learned through participation in competitive soccer.

"Winning through Development" � SPTIFA promotes winning through development as a philosophy that emphasizes skill development as the means to achieving successful game results. We strive to train every player on the team equally, realizing that some players will want to pursue soccer school others want to be the best on the middle school and high school teams. The teams spend the majority of it�s time together on the training field. This is important for the team, and for the individual player.

Goals are accomplished through actual games and guidance from the coaching staff. Players must have frequent exposure to the demands of the game in order to evaluate their skills and understand how to improve in all aspects their position and game requires. Competitive soccer includes the unpredictable and situations to which each player must respond. How a player responds will enable a player to determine what their next steps should be and how to overcome adversity as the game un-folds. The same holds true for practice. Practice allows a player to work on technique and style. A player will not improve if they do not practice and apply the basic principals of the game they are being taught. Players learn to make the correct decisions in practice with the guidance of their coach and our staff and can then experience the results on game day.

SPTIFA most important objective is the development of healthy attitudes and personal goals about winning and losing, and the importance of teammates, and having fun. We look to build long-term relationships with teammates, coach and parents. Keep our players safe and healthy. Treat every player, referee, coach, team and club with respect.

Mission Statement

SPTIFA mission is to develop well-balanced, successful youth who desire and are capable of making a real contribution in a team environment, throughout their lives, regardless of gender, physical abilities or background, through instruction of the technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of football. It is our hope that a large proportion of these youth will pursue the sport through their teen age years and on into adult life.

Vision Statement

SPTIFA is recognized as a football association where every player can expect an optimal learning environment with consistently superior coaching, training facilities and kit. Parents and guardians acknowledge that the association consistently demonstrates it’s leadership in providing easy to understand and accessible player programs and volunteer opportunities which are exceptionally well conceived and organized and supported by clear timely communications.

Core Values

  • To make decisions in the club based on what's in the best interest of the players.
  • To create a cohesive inclusive club environment.
  • To the continued development of coaching through ongoing education.
  • To clearly and effectively communicate to all club constituents.
  • To promote the growth, as well as the development, of the game in the community.
  • In the responsibility we assume in each and every player’s development.
  • In learning the value of teamwork and creating a sense of accountability to each other.
  • For the game.
  • For loyalty to people and organization
  • That the SPTIFA provides an environment which is as concerned with overall player development and retention as it is with talent identification and competitive excellence.

Office bearers Office bearers

Jelani Wilastra

Club Coach

Jelani Wilastra is S.P.T Indian FA's full time head coach as well as the Honorary Secretary of the Association.

Jelani himself an ex-footballer known for his playing career with Malaysian State FA's as well as Malaysian National Team in the 80s and 90s. Today he is in charge overseeing the overall development of teams and the academy.

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Penang State FA

Kelantan State FA

Kedah State FA

Negeri Sembilan State FA

Malaysia National Team









Premier League Runner up

Piala Agong Champions

Premier League Champions

Malaysia Cup Runner up

FA Cup Semi-Finalist

SEA Games Runner up

SEA Games Champions





Negeri Sembilan

Malaysia National Team

Malaysia National Team

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